MXS – Gain and Gate Guide Heater

The Caloritech™ MXS Gain and Gate Guide Heaters are specifically designed to prevent ice build-up on sluice gate guides or bodies. The heater is usually installed in a vertical well or duct of round or square cross section having a round nozzle at the top for fastening. Heating elements are silver brazed into a water tight terminal housing having recessed base for mounting. Unlike open wire heaters with ceramic supports, MXS heaters can be coiled to a six foot diameter to facilitate shipping and handling.

CXF – Flange Heater (Incoloy® Sheath, Low/Medium Density) Suitable for heating oils, gases & mild corrosives

Caloritech™ CXF Flange Heaters are used primarily for heating applications involving oils, gases and mildly corrosive liquids. They are constructed of incoloy® sheathed elements silver brazed to a steel flange, similar to the CXI Flange Heater. However, the CXF model is lower density and more suitable for stagnant or heavy oils, or for high temperature, low flow gas heating.

Immersion Heaters

Electric immersion heaters are commonly used in tank and pressure vessel heating applications, where there is a requirement to maintain liquid temperature to a certain controlled set point. Typical applications include: antifreeze protection on refueling water storage tanks, oil tanks, fuel-oil tanks, diesel tanks, water tanks, vaporizing vessels and others. Immersion heaters are designed and manufactured in accordance with ASME Section III, Class 1, 2 or 3 and stamped NPT according to code requirements. Immersion heaters also are designed and manufactured under ASME Section VIII, Div. 1 for non nuclear code applications.

MC – Cast-In Immersion Heater

The Caloritech™ MC Cast-In Immersion Heater is used for melting soft metals such as solder, tin, lead and babbitt at temperatures up to 510°C (950°F). The standard units are available in three styles to accommodate a range of installations: over-the-side, through-the-bottom and through-the-side. Custom designed units are also available for specialized applications, such as non-standard single phase and three phase metal melting heaters, heating plates, heat storage systems and corrosive fluid heaters. Large diameter, heavy wall steel element, Iron casting, General purpose terminal box, Rated up to 3 kW at 120V and 10 kW at 240V; two 240V heaters rated 2 kW and above can be connected in series to a 480 volt supply, Watt densities available at 30 W/in2, 14 W/in2 and 20 W/in2 (through-the-bottom model only), The through-the-side and through-the-bottom models supplied with a non-asbestos, high temperature gasket.