BC – Band Heater

The Caloritechâ„¢ BC Band Heater is an aluminized steel strip heater formed to a semicircle. A spring at the terminal end keeps the heater halves in contact with the barrel and compensates for thermal expansion. The other end is fastened by a captive chrome plated allen screw for ease of installation. These heaters are typically used to heat the barrels of plastic injection and extrusion machines, kettles, pipes and other cylinders. Designed for 240V operation; insulated for 600V Two band heaters can be connected to accommodate a 480V supply 1.5" +/- 0.0156" (38 mm +/- 0.39624 mm) wide; 0.375" +/- 0.0156" (9.5 mm +/- 0.39624 mm) thick Standard diameters available from 5" to 20" (127 mm to 508 mm) Outputs from 580 W to 3 kW
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